Recording Engineer Career

Recording Engineer Career?

Want to be a recording engineer? Looking for a top recording school? Confused about which recording schools would give you the best start? Need to get a handle on your options for a recording engineer education? Considering recording engineering as a profession or serious hobby? Don’t make the mistake I just made… I thought to […] Read More

Choosing An Audio Mixer

Choosing An Audio Mixer

The audio mixer (mixing board, mixing console, or mixing desk) is the heart of any sound reinforcement system because it is typically the control center, allowing the operator to adjust the volume and sound characteristics of every microphone and instrument being amplified. There are so many options available in audio […] Read More

Audio Recording Industry

Audio Recording Industry

The audio recording industry is an expanding field which contains a variety of opportunities for employment. The modern audio engineers job is to ensure the perfect quality of audio, be it a music track or spoken word. Using equipment ranging from traditional hardware like mixers to modern software, the audio […] Read More

How To Mic an Electric Guitar

How to Mic a Guitar Amplifier

With modern music (especially pop/rock music) production demands are greater than ever. The average listener expects the recording quality of your music to be the equivalent of those amazing productions you often hear on the radio. Since this discussion could take weeks and weeks and page after page, I’ve decided […] Read More

Old vs New Audio

Audio Recording History

The Audio recording history time? From the very first sound duplication in 1877, to iTunes and MP3, it has been a fascinating journey.  Think about the implications, if you had lived in the early days of recording history.  You’d have wondered, as we do now about certain technologies, whether this […] Read More