Vocal Production for Infographic Videos

This is an interesting project I did for my company Your House Fitness in the summer of 2016. I’ll make a list of the step by step process from the pre-production phase to the post-production phase.

  • Create the written content (I always like to write down what I’m going to say in the video. Then I proceed with making sure the written content is only a minute long).

Writing Content

  • Vocal scratch (the next step was to record the vocals. I used Ableton as my DAW. The vocals were recorded with the MacBook mic. I needed a scratch version to send to my animator so he would be able to construct the video with the timing of my vocal track).


  • Video ready (Now I’m able to start the recording process. I used my MBOX 2, which is all I needed because I’m recording only 1 or 2 tracks.)

Mbox 2

  • Mic selection ( The microphone that was used was the Shure SM7B (Vocal Dynamic Microphone. It’s an amazing microphone. Recording with this microphone eliminates the use of having to set up an external pop filter).

Shure SM7B

  • Compression (After the DAW was live and the microphone was connected I proceed with adding compression to my track. I used compression to reduce the dynamic range on the track. This way the audio is on the same level).

  • Reverb ( I felt the need to add a bit of reverb because the track felt dry).
  • Recording ( Now I was finally ready to record the audio over the existing track. I proceed with putting the old audio on track 1 and the open up a channel for track 2).

Track 1 and 2

  • Post-production (Finally, the track was all ready to be edited. There was no need to use EQ on the track. So I proceeded on cleaning up the track. I eliminated the ums, the inhale before I was about to speak, and any unnecessary noises that were recorded. After making sure it sounded good, I faded in and faded out the parts that were cut. As a result, it doesn’t sound un-natural cut).
  • Music ( The music was already selected by my animator, so all I really had to do was the new vocal track and adjust the volume with the vocals and it was ready to go).

This is by far a cheaper way in regards to saving on recording cost.  For example I recorded this at home. In contrast, Watch Rick and Morty Season 1 was recorded in a studio.

Thanks to Dan Rojaz for the amazing video!